St. Mary’s Outreach Center is housSMOC's Friendraiser in 2011ed in the church building that was formerly St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in the central Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden.  The Resource and Referral Service at the Outreach Center provides free and confidential services to men and women (55+) in zip code 21211 who are in need of assistance.  Our serving area includes the communities of Hampden, Remington, Medfield, Woodberry, Hoes Heights and Wyman Park. Our goal is to spread the word that friendly, caring people provide hands-on assistance with the following:

43% DISCOUNT ON WATER BILL – Age 65 and older, income $30,000 or less per household per year

MARYLAND ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (MEAP) – Helps with gas, electric and fuel bills; based on last 30 day income ($1,733.00 single person, $2,336.00 per couple, $2,940.00 for a household of 3, $3,544.00 for a household of 4).

FUEL FUND OF MARYLAND – Assistance with utility bills only after you receive MEAP confirmation; contact the office to apply for the Fuel Fund of Maryland

SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM-  St. Mary’s Outreach Center partners with the Maryland Food Bank to complete applications for the Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP), formerly known as “food stamps.” Eligibility is based on resources (e.g., bank accounts) and income, among other factors.

“My Groceries to Go”- St. Mary’s Outreach Center partners with the Maryland Food Bank to enroll clients in the USDA-sponsored Commodity Supplemental Food Program, or “My Groceries to Go,” a program for adults aged 60 and older. Income eligibility is 130% of Federal Poverty Level, with monthly income limits as follows: $1,265 for an individual, $1,705 for a family of two, and $2,144 for a family of three.


QUALIFIED MEDICARE BENEFICIARY (QMB)Helps with Medical bills, co-pays, deductibles and Part B of Medicare ($104.90); income limits $1010 or less for an individual.

SPECIAL LOW INCOME MEDICARE BENEFICIARY (SLMB)Similar to QMB but pays only the Part B premium ($104.90); income limits between $1357 per month for a single individual.


If your income is $1,313 or less per month and your assets are no more than $8,660, you may be eligible for help paying your Medicare D premium, deductible and your prescriptions may only cost $1.20 to $6.60.

SPDAP (Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program)

The State of Maryland offers to pay $40.00 of your monthly prescription plan premium for Medicare D.

Income limits are as apply as follows:

Single – $35,010

Couple – $47,190

RENTERS’ TAX CREDITS – Available to all taxpayers who qualify on the basis of a comparison of their rent to their income. (Feb. 15-Sept. 1, 2017)

HOMEOWNERS’ TAX CREDITS – Available to all taxpayers who qualify on the basis of a comparison of your tax bill to your income. (Feb. 15-Sept. 1, 2017)

PAPERWORK – If you have papers or forms you find difficult to fill in, call and we will help you with them.

In addition, we also provide counseling services, legal aid referrals, food pantry access, food stamps, benefits packages, access to housing, transportation and more.

Call 410-366-3106 for an appointment.