The St. Mary’s Outreach Center (SMOC) primarily serves lower income older adults across Baltimore City. Historically, our outreach has occurred primarily in the surrounding ZIP Code, 21211. We have built organizational capacity and expertise over the years, and we are expanding our outreach to the 21218 and 21217 ZIP codes.

In 21211, people over 65 represent 13.7% of the total population, as compared with 12.1% citywide.

The majority of the 1,700 people over 65+ are longtime residents of the area.  Some are second generation residents.

SMOC currently serves 30% of the senior population.  SMOC estimates that another 30% need some services.

SMOC clients may be older homeowners living alone; grandparents, or great grandparents, raising children; residents of senior housing apartments; and, people at risk of becoming homeless.

Due to younger, more upwardly mobile people moving into the community in recent years, lower income elderly tend to be more and more hidden.  They represent a significant portion of the 7.7% of the households living in poverty in a community where 29% of the households now have incomes exceeding $60,000 annually.