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Our offices are located in the central Baltimore City neighborhood of Hampden, at 3900 Roland Avenue.

Directions via public transportation

St. Mary’s Outreach Center may be accessed using MTA bus number 22 (alight at 40th St. and Roland Ave.), MTA bus number 27 (alight at Falls Road and 41st St.), Central Light Rail (alight at Woodberry Station and take the Hampden Shuttle to Roland Ave.).  Visit for route and schedule information.

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Sandra SimmonsSandy Simmons
Executive Director, CIRS-A
Phone: 410-366-3106
Fax: 410-366-3077

Sandy Simmons has been working in the field  for over 15 years, and has served in her current position since July 2006. Sandy is a nationally Certified Information and Referral Specialist in Aging (CIRS-A).  In fact, she is the only CIRS-A in Baltimore City.

This certification is a measurement of demonstrated ability in the field of I&R reflecting the knowledge, skills, attitudes and work-related behaviors needed to successfully execute responsibilities.  Information and Referral (I&R) is the art and science of bringing people and services together. SMOC creates and maintains a database of programs and services to clients and makes that information available to individuals and the communities through a variety of communication channels. Without Certified Information and Referral Specialists, people in vulnerable situations must negotiate a maze of human service organizations in the hope of finding the one they need.

We hope to assist seniors with a single point of contact that provides confidential assessment, support, choice and empowerment.


Carol Wolbert
carol websiteResource and Referral Associate
Phone: 410-366-3106

 Carol Wolbert has worked as a Resource and Referral Associate at Saint Mary’s Outreach Center for more than 6 years. Carol has been trained to assist Sandy in completing applications and paperwork with the seniors, and connecting Saint Mary’s clients with the additional services and information that they need. With the additional support that Carol provides, Saint Mary’s Outreach Center can fulfill the I&R needs of a growing number of seniors in the community.

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St. Mary’s Outreach Center
3900 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211


The St. Mary’s Outreach Center (SMOC) primarily serves lower income older adults in the 21211 Zip Code.

This service area encompasses the neighborhoods of Hampden, Medfield, Hoes Heights, Remington, Woodberry, and Wyman Park.

People over 65 represent 16.3% of the total population, as compared with 11.8% citywide.

The majority of the 1,700 people over 65+ are longtime residents of the area.  Some are second generation residents.

SMOC currently serves 30% of the senior population.  SMOC estimates that another 30% need some services.

SMOC clients may be older homeowners living alone; grandparents, or great grandparents, raising children; residents of senior housing apartments; and, people at risk of becoming homeless.

Due to younger, more upwardly mobile people moving into the community in recent years, lower income elderly tend to be more and more hidden.  They represent a significant portion of the 7.7% of the households living in poverty in a community where 29% of the households now have incomes exceeding $60,000 annually.


Hampden Community Council 
Hampden Village Merchants Association  
Medfield Community Association
Greater Remington Improvement Association
Remington Neighborhood Association
Hoes Heights Community Association
Wyman Park Community Association


Action in Maturity (AIM) 410-889-7915
Baltimore City Health Department Office of Aging and CARE Services
Church of the Guardian Angel 410-235-5740
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church   410 243-1129
Episcopal Housing Services  410-366-6200
Experience Corps 443-278-9400
Fuel Fund of Maryland 410-235-9080
Hampden Family Center   410-467-8710
Hampden United Methodist Church  410-235-0679
HWRMW Christian Fellowship     410-235-1997
Integrace 410-970-2000
Maryland Food Bank 410-737-8282
Meals on Wheels  410-558-0827
Roland Park Place 410-243-5700
Roland View Towers    410-889-8255
Salvation Army (Hampden Corps.) 410-366-6187
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church   410 243-1391
Union Memorial Hospital