Upcoming Events

Spring Luncheon

Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Time: 11:30 AM
Location: St. Mary’s Outreach Center
Come enjoy a delicious lunch with friends and join a discussion with Q&A time concerning senior benefits and issues. Please bring canned goods or a tax deductible donation for the Hampden Food Pantry. Call 410-366-3106 for your reservation.

Diabetes Education Day

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Location: St. Mary’s Roland View Towers, 3939 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD
Would you like to know more about diabetes? Students from University of Maryland School of Pharmacy will be present to talk about diabetes management, preventions, or any concerns you have! If time allows, we will also have medication check-ups. Call 410-366-3106 if you would like to attend.

My Groceries to Go
Photo reprinted from the Baltimore Sun article
For many years, the Maryland Food Bank has been an important force in easing
hunger in Maryland. They provide boxes of nutritious nonperishable foods to
many of our seniors each month, and their work is important. But on August
12th, they began a further initiative, the Commodities Supplementary Food
Program, sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture and the State of Maryland, and they chose Saint Mary’s Outreach Center as their launch pad!
Seniors , alerted by SMOC, signed up ahead of time at the Center, certifying
their eligibility. Then, on a perfect, blue-sky August day, they came to
SMOC, were given their regular nonperishable boxes, and then came outside to
a special ‘Farmer’s Market’ tented display of an abundance of fresh fruits
and vegetables. Pulling light rolling carts, the seniors chose from an
array of fresh produce, including potatoes, green beans, corn, cucumbers,
squash, cabbage, bananas, and on and on. Food Bank and SMOC personnel were
there to help take the filled carts back up the hill.
The day was perhaps the best weather Baltimore has seen all summer, and
local television stations covered the event, as did the local papers. Most
important, many seniors took home a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables,
and the day was filled with their smiles.
Thank you to the Food Bank!